Learn About Zack Wallick, Kairos Roofing Founder and CEO

Zack Wallick

Kairo Roofing’s founder and owner, Zachary Wallick is a third generation roofer and has more than 15 years experience within the roofing industry. Before founding Kairos Roofing, Zachary became a leading expert in roofing and business management, under the leadership and guidance of his father Gregg Wallick, President & CEO of Best Roofing. Zachary became extremely instrumental in the growth of the family owned and operated business, eventually serving as Vice President. Over the years, Zachary established a stellar reputation in the roofing community, leading the way for Best Roofing to become the “Commercial Roofing Contractor of the Year” in 2018.

Driven by his conviction to build his own business, serve his family and serve the families in his community in more meaningful and impactful ways, he developed the vision for a company that would allow him to thrive and reach his highest potential. Recognizing that the time and conditions were right for the accomplishment of this crucial action, Zachary founded Kairos Roofing and set out to realize his vision to build a company that will become the best residential roofing company within Broward county. Zack believes he is well on his way to reaching his vision, by treating every customer like they are family, and delivering exceptional roofing services at a fair price.

Zack Wallick

A little more about Zack; he is a South Florida native and Fort Lauderdale resident. Zack is also a proud graduate of Florida State University, and yes the family rivalry is strong as his father is a former University of Miami Football Player! Zack’s favorite shade of pink is Kairo’s Pink, of course. In his free time (what free time?) you can find him talking about roofing! He’s that passionate about what he does! Or spending time with his family, or riding his bike with his kids.

Zack hopes to get to know more about you and your family, while providing you the best roofing services in Broward county.

Why Pink?

Our roofers will be polite and professional.

Pink is the color most associated with charm and politeness.

We want your roof to always be In The Pink!

In The Pink means to be in top form, in good health, in good condition.

We want you to be Tickled Pink with the services we perform!

Tickled Pink means to be extremely pleased.

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