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A leaking roof can range from mildly irritating to incredibly destructive.If not diagnosed and repaired in a timely manner, a leak can cause serious and costly problems.We understand how frustrating it can be when a leak reappears after you’ve been assured it was fixed. In our experience, 95% of the solution is roof leak detection, which includes our skilled Kairos Roofing contractors pinpointing the exact location of the leak.

Our experienced technicians are trained to “think like water,” and can find roof leaks by tracing the problem back to its source – and verifying that this may be the only source of water.Oftentimes, the ways we detect roof leaks are typically non-invasive and simply require an experienced eye. However, some leaks require removing certain components, conducting water tests or utilizing the latest technology, like infrared scanning, to track down the source. Kairos Roofing will always use the least-invasive option possible to quickly locate the cause of your roof leak, so the proper repair solution can be determined, no matter what type of roof you have. Our full evaluation will also include advice on whether to repair or replace your roof.

Reasons for a Leaking Roof

You may be wondering what to do about leaking roof structures, and where roofs tend to leak most often. We can explain all of that – and more – during our inspection process.

Fixing a roof leak starts with identifying the source and cause of the leak, no matter the structure. Our confident contractors find shingle roof leaks, as well as tile roof leaks, on a daily basis. We can also find flat roof leaks, so despite your style of roof, our professional team will provide a detailed assessment and work to fix your roof leak fast and efficiently.

There are many reasons why you may find yourself with a leaking roof – especially during heavy periods of inclement South Florida weather. You may be experiencing a roof leak due to:

  • Damage caused by high winds.
  • The negative effects of a harsh rainstorm.
  • Destruction caused by pests.
  • The age of your roof.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Past roof repair or replacement mistakes.
  • Weak roof patches.
  • Lack of roof maintenance by the previous homeowner.

Commons Leak Areas

Where do roofs leak most commonly in South Florida homes? Unfortunately, there are several leaky roof location possibilities, including:

  1. Roof flashing – Your leaking home roof is often caused by damaged or deteriorated roof flashing, which is the thin, metal edging designed to prevent water from seeping into places where your roof meets a wall or chimney.
  2. Skylights – It’s called the Sunshine State for a reason, and many South Florida homeowners like to let more natural light into their homes by installing skylights. However, if skylights are not installed correctly or they are not maintained properly, they can eventually result in roof leaks.
  3. Pipes and vents - Residential roof leak detection often takes us to the plumbing pipes and ventilation vents on your roof. The areas where the roof meets these pipes and vents can be a common leak spot.
  4. Chimneys – Although not a staple in South Florida homes, those designed with chimneys may experience water seepage through cracks in the chimney itself, or the area where the roof meets the chimney.

Types of Roofs in Which Kairos Roofing Can Detect Leaks

When it comes to detecting your residential roof leak, it’s important to hire versatile and experienced contractors to handle the job right. Kairos Roofing specializes in all of the most common roof types. We often receive roof leak detection requests from homeowners with:

  • Shingle roofs. We are pros when it comes to shingle roof leak detection. Why? Because shingle roofs are the most common style of roof in South Florida. Shingle roofs are affordable and easy to maintain, so long as you keep an eye out for leaks.
  • Metal roofs. This popular roof structure comes in an array of colors and styles, which makes the metal roof infinitely customizable. But, while your metal roof won’t crack or corrode, that does not mean it is immune to leaks.
  • Concrete tile roofs. Concrete tile roof leak detection is an important part of routine maintenance for this style of roof. Concrete tiles are sturdy and made to last, but as a homeowner, it’s always wise to check for leaks and other problems.
  • Flat roofs. Proper flat roof leak detection is easy when you call our team of experienced roofing contractors. Flat roofs are often covered with a membrane that’s designed to keep water out, but this membrane requires regular maintenance to prevent roof leaks.
  • Clay tiles roofs. Clay tile roof leak detection can help keep this durable and beautiful roof style in top condition, and early detection will keep your investment sound – and valuable.

Dangers of an Undetected Leak

Our residential roof leak detection service is especially critical because undetected leaks can cause big problems for your home in the future, ultimately impacting its resale value. An undetected leak can cause problems such as:

  • Damaged insulation: Our roof leak detection service can help keep your home’s insulation dry. Even a slow trickle of water can ruin your home’s insulation over time. Wet or degraded insulation isn’t very effective, which means your air conditioner will have to work harder to keep your home nice and cool.
  • Structural integrity issues: If we find a roof leak too late, there could be serious damage to the structural integrity of your home. A leaking roof can lead to weakened ceiling joists and studs, which are expensive to replace.
  • Mold and mildew: A leaking roof can lead to every homeowner’s worst nightmare: mold and mildew. Unfortunately, these destructive components can develop quickly when water seeps, drips or flows due to an undetected roof leak.
  • Ceiling and wall damage: Water from a leaking roof can migrate into your ceilings and walls, causing damage to the drywall. Not only will this create ugly bulges and discoloration, but it can also result in costly repairs.

Call our contractors as soon as you suspect a leak, so you can avoid overspending on extra home repairs.

Our Process

At Kairos Roofing, we pride ourselves specifically on our roof leak detection skills. We will take care of all the details so you don’t have to worry about a thing. When you call us to find your home roof leak, you can expect us to:

  1. Conduct a full evaluation – Not sure what to do about leaking roof areas? Our expert roofing contractors will perform a comprehensive analysis of your entire roof. We will assess all corners of the roof, then offer our recommendation for whether your roof can be repaired or if a home roof replacement is the best course of action.
  2. Develop a repair or replacement plan – No matter the roof type or material, we will construct a thorough plan of attack for your review. We will explain every part of the roof leak repair or replacement process, so you remain in the loop every step of the way.
  3. Prepare a fair estimate – Our team at Kairos Roofing will also provide a fair estimate for your home roof repair or replacement, along with a detailed and transparent outline of each cost.
  4. Perform the repair or replacement – Once you are ready to move forward with your home roof repair or replacement, Kairos Roofing will get to work. We aim to complete each and every South Florida roofing job as quickly as possible, so you can get back to enjoying your home in peace.

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