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Our team at Kairos Roofing consists of the best residential roof replacement experts in South Florida. Whether you are certain you need to replace roof structures, or you need someone to help you understand the current condition of your roof, Kairos Roofing will send a trained expert to meet with you and really listen to what you need. We want to understand what you’re seeking in a new roof, what your questions and concerns are, what your budget is and exactly what it will take for you to feel truly served.

Once you feel that we understand your roof replacement needs, we will evaluate your existing roof and home structure to determine everything we need to know in order to present you with the solutions that best fit your vision. As a design-build firm, our solutions to redo roof structures will always meet – or exceed - the Florida building code requirements as well as the guidelines outlined in the Miami Dade HVHZ code. Your project will be properly permitted, insured and inspected, so you can rest assured knowing your investment is sound. Most importantly, your project isn’t complete until YOU are fully satisfied.

Types of Roof Replacements

Learning about home roof replacement procedures can be a lot to handle. At Kairos Roofing, we aim to provide all the tools you need, so you can make a well-educated decision when selecting your roof type. We understand that replacing your home roof is a sizable investment, so let us remove some of the stress by breaking everything down for you. As your most trusted South Florida roofing contractor, Kairos Roofing proudly installs:

  • Flat roofs. Our team of experienced professionals can install a wide variety of new flat roof. This type of roof features a level or slightly sloped design that is covered with a single or multi layer membrane to block moisture.
  • Concrete tile roofs. Not only can a new tile roof made of concrete upgrade your home’s aesthetic, but it can also withstand wind and other South Florida weather conditions for the long haul. A concrete tile roof from Kairos Roofing can even add resale value to your home.
  • Clay tile roofs. The process to retile roofs is truly our forte, we can confidently say that clay tiles can give your home the classic South Florida look you’ve always imagined. Our clay tiles are durable, long-lasting and environmentally friendly.
  • Metal roofs. This style is growing in popularity in South Florida, and we have the right expertise to install your new metal roof in a range of colors and designs. Metal roofs are also incredibly durable, and last the longest when properly installed.
  • Shingle roofs. A new shingle roof is a versatile, top pick among South Florida homeowners. Asphalt shingles are both low-maintenance and easy on your wallet. Let us help you choose the ideal shingles for your home, based on your style and color preferences.

Add-Ons to Consider When Reroofing a House

While we redo your residential roof, our skilled professional can conveniently tackle other common South Florida roofing enchantments related to your roofing systems to ensure your residence is updated and in its best condition. We offer:

  • Insulation: Let us upgrade your home’s existing insulation on your new flat roof, which can help cut down on energy use and saves you money in the long run.
  • Hurricane straps: Our Kairos Roofing pros can give your home the best fighting chance against the next major storm with the help of hurricane straps. Not only can hurricane straps strengthen your home in the face of strong winds, but they can also help lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums.
  • Roof ventilation: As we reshingle roofs, our contractors can also easily install roof vents, which can help keep your home nice and cool – a major necessity in the warmer summer months. Roof ventilation can also help protect against mold and moisture, which can wreak havoc on your entire home.
  • Gutters: If your gutters have seen better days, allow our Kairos Roofing experts to install new replacement gutters as a supplement to your roof project.

Click here to learn more about our add-on services.

The Cost to Replace a Residential Roof

The cost of hiring a new roof contractor varies depending on a few factors, including the type of roof, the material you choose and the size of your house. Our team will guide you every step of the way while choosing the ideal roof for your circumstances, and your budget.

Costly roof repairs can add up over time. However, investing in a residential roof replacement with Kairos Roofing will give you peace of mind that your roof is installed with the utmost care and with the most professionalism. When you hire our team, you can trust that we have your best interest at heart. In fact, a new roofing system and hurricane straps can also help lower your insurance premiums, and make your home more energy-efficient.

Our Process

From start to finish, our comprehensive reroofing service covers everything you need for a new installation. Whether you’re interested in upgrading to shingles or tiles, at Kairos Roofing, we will oversee every step in the process, from an initial consultation all the way through to the final inspection.

Our transparent pricing and throughout estimates mean you won’t be surprised by hidden costs, as our home roof replacement estimate includes the price of obtaining any – and all – permits required for the project.

Our roofing services promise to be fast and efficient. Kairos Roofing creates concise, organized timelines for each new home roof, so the project is completed at your convenience. We are committed to thorough and swift work, so you can get back to enjoying life – under your new roof.

At Kairos Roofing, we believe transparency is key when improving your home. Our comprehensive roof replacement process includes:

  • Performing a thorough roof inspection/site survey of all the components of the existing roof assembly.
  • Exploring all the possible options and recommending the best roofing system based on the site survey, site conditions and budgetary constraints.
  • Once approved, we will order the specific job site materials, and submit for permitting with the pertaining jurisdiction.
  • After the permit is approved with a confirmed start date, we begin the tear-off process, which entails:
    • The delivery of dry-in materials.
    • Tearing off the existing roofing system.
    • Inspecting the wood deck for any deteriorated decking, and replacing, as needed.
    • Re-nailing the decking, as per Florida Building Code.
    • Scheduling all required City Inspections.
    • Mounting all dry-in materials and sheet metal flashings.
    • Installing the final roof covering layer (shingles, tile, metal roof, etc. – will vary)
    • Requesting a final inspection with the city.
    • Preparing your close-out documents and warranties.

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We provide a uniquely refreshing experience to our clients for residential roofing replacements and repairs in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties. Our team has the integrity and caring to treat you like family, and we have the knowledge and experience to get your job done right, on time and on budget.

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