Clay Tile Roofs in South Florida

We love clay tiles and many homeowners agree. Not only are they one of the most durable roofing options available, clay tiles are a timeless look for coastal living in South Florida. A clay tile roof replacement project can feel like a big undertaking. However, when you work with the experienced contractors at Kairos Roofing, we’ll take care of everything. From start to finish, you can rest easy –  whether you need a clay tile roof leak repair or an entire roof replacement.

Retile projects are essential for keeping up with your home roof’s maintenance and appearance. A clay tile roof is a beautiful addition to your South Florida home, and one that can boost your home's resale value, curb appeal and energy savings. Clay tile roof lifespan is exceptional, ranging from to 30 to 50 years in South Florida.

Pros of Clay Tile Roofs

A roof made of clay tile encompasses a number of important benefits. This style of roof is:

  • Good for resale value.
  • Dependable.
  • Resistant to high winds.
  • Gorgeous.
  • Not prone to fading over time.

Cons of Clay Tile Roofs

A clay tile roof also has its drawbacks, however. If you build a roof made of clay tile, consider that it may:

  • Weigh more than other roof types.
  • Suffer damage from fallen trees or other impacts.
  • Require expert installation, maintenance and repair.

Clay Tile Roof Costs

Estimating the cost of any roofing project is an integral part of our Kairos Roofing process. We know that getting a new clay tile roof is a big step, so we want to ensure you understand every potential price point before we get started. The cost of the project will depend on your home’s square footage, the condition of your existing roof deck, the tile design and any add-ons you choose, such as hurricane straps, insulation, gutters or roof ventilation.

If you decide on clay tile installation, we will perform an extensive evaluation of your roof’s current condition, first, then draw up a detailed estimate and timeline for your review.

Clay Tile Roofs and South Florida Climate

Roofs constructed of clay tiles make great sense for homes in South Florida’s hot and humid climate. Tiles made of clay retain their strength and durability, even when subjected to extremely hot temperatures for years at a time. This eco-friendly option also promotes air circulation, which helps to keep your house cooler overall – your air conditioner won’t have to work quite as hard with your home’s new clay tile roof in place, which can lower your energy usage and provide savings on your energy bills.

As an added bonus, clay tile roof structures are also fire-resistant, which can give you peace of mind during an unfortunate emergency.

On the other hand, there are negative factors to consider when it comes to clay tile roofs and South Florida’s weather. For example, these tiles are more brittle than other roofing materials, which makes them particularly susceptible to damage from fallen trees or debris during a hurricane or tropical storm. On the other hand, residential clay tile roofs can be more wind-resistant than shingles.

Durability of Clay Tile Roofs

When you retile roofs made of clay, it’s reassuring to know they are so durable that they may even last your entire residency – and then some. In addition, these sturdy and dependable tiles typically require very little maintenance, while continuing to add value to your home. Compared to other roofing styles, clay tiles are also more resistant to mold and mildew because of their unique design and construction. If repairs are necessary for your roof, our team of expert clay tile roofing contractors can perform the job quickly and easily, because clay tiles can be replaced individually.

Clay Tile Roof Aesthetics

In a word, clay tiles are gorgeous. There’s a reason this timeless style withstands the test of time – it will give your home a classic aesthetic that never goes out of style.

Plus, residential clay tile roofs come in a variety of colors and profiles, ranging from rustic to contemporary. Colors are plentiful, from burnt oranges to rich, red and brown tones that are sure to complement your home’s existing color scheme. Not to mention, clay tiles are not limited to any one architectural style. Clay roofs look especially stunning on homes built with Mediterranean or Spanish influences, but they can add an attractive finish to any South Florida home.

Our Trusted Clay Tile Partner

Choosing from the many clay tile roof repair companies in South Florida is a big decision. At Kairos Roofing, however, we partner with only the top roofing manufacturers in the industry. For clay tile roof service, we work with Boral Roofing and Vera Clay Tile. Both are established and reputable companies that make some of the best clay tiles available on the market today. And, since we understand that it can be hard to choose the right clay tile just from a catalogue or picture, we’ll help you order an array of clay tile samples, so we can match the best fit for your home. As a design-build firm we know the importance of athletics as well as quality installation. You’ll be in good hands with Kairos Roofing and our quality tile manufacturing partners.

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